Steps to follow

1. Connect the Digest Bot to Slack

Go to or click the button below (administrator access may be required for your team).

Your new bot “Digest.AI” will be created for your team. You can easily reference the Digest.AI bot in the Direct Message list when you need to find it.
That's it!
Read on for more pro tips for using Digest.

2. Edit your digest settings

Select Change settings. All your digest settings will appear.
Slack Digest.AI sends you a daily digest based on your digest settings in direct message or email, digest or full log, at 8am every morning
You'll receive your digests at 8 a.m. every morning to help you catch up on what happened quickly before your day starts.
You can edit whether you get your digest in your direct message (DM) or email inbox, or both.
To receive entire conversations instead of digests, you can choose "Full log".

3. Choose your digest channels

Within the settings menu, select Edit subscription to see which channels you are subscribed to. By default, you are subscribed to all channels. You can easily edit the Slack channels that you subscribe to that Slack Digest.AI digests and sends to you
You can unsubscribe to channels with "unsubscribe #channel". You can also subscribe or unsubscribe all.

4. Invite team members

You can invite your team members individually by telling the bot "invite @name", or invite everyone with "invite all". They will get a prompt:

username has sent you an invite to Digest. I'm here to give you a summary of the important things going on in your Slack team every day. Really excited to meet you :)

Would you like to subscribe?

Invite team members to join Slack Digest.AI to receive daily digests of the important conversations and insights in their Slack channels every day
Once they accept, they will also be able to receive digests and edit their own settings too.

5. Get digest now

Select Get digest to receive an on-demand digest of the last day immediately, based on your DM or email settings. If you are not subscribed, you will receive a DM.

6. Contact us!

Give us your feedback or ask us questions by clicking on Contact us and simply leaving a message. We'll get back to you ASAP!

7. Vote for your digests

You can improve future digests by voting It was useful! or Not useful :( so that the Digest engine will learn over time. The Slack Digest.AI engine learns using machine learning over time and digests and summaries of chat channels will improve

8. Enjoy your digests

Enjoy your daily Slack digests! We'll improve Digest often, so you can enjoy better digests every day.

How your Digest subscription works harder for you

We also have some bonus features that we offer to you on Digest, that we used to charge for.

1. Remove all ads on Slack Digest forever.
2. Customize the time that each team member gets digests.
3. Be the first to get access to future updates to Slack Digest.

If you feel that Digest has helped your team become more open and transparent, please put in a donation to help us keep Digest up and running!

Coming soon: Updates you can expect from Slack Digest

  • Contextual summaries from your content: Slack Digest analyzes your channels based on your roles, interests and interactions.
  • Cross-channel summaries: Get a grand summary of your chats across all channels and teams that you follow, in one simple to read update.
  • Analytics for your channels: Statistics and charts that show your activity over time, and give you general tips for productivity.
  • … and more!

    A note on data privacy

    We do not use any humans in processing your digests, and never store your messages beyond processing.